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We are leaders  in optimization and prediction for the energy industry. An R&D focus on vertical industry allows us to maintain a steady flow of patents and IP. Our team has extensive expertise in application and research in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, as well as substantial first hand knowledge of the energy industry.

Meet our team

Origen team

Ruben Rodriguez Torrado

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ruben is an AI energy expert with 10 years of experience leading projects as principal investigator in AI for Oil and Gas. 

He has worked at IBM and Repsol to develop the first application of cognitive systems and AI (Watson computer) for Oiland Gas.

Ruben has led projects for uncertainty quantification, reservoir simulation/modelling and field development plan optimization in Colombia, Ecuador, Norway, Brazil, USA and UK.

Ruben was recognized by the World Economic Forum as a leading subject matter expert in AI and Oil and Gas in 2017. He has authored and co authored more than 30 scientific publications and 10 patents.

Sonia Embid Droz

Chief Business Officer (CBO)

Previously, she was a senior
advisor at the Repsol Technology Center, leading the development of a cognitive prototype of fast assessment under uncertainty, design of several enhanced-oil-recovery (EOR) pilots, and responsible for the first modeling lab in the company.

She was also  technical leader at PDVSA, a consultant at SINCOR, and Principal at Schlumberger. During this period she was responsible for the Nitrogen injection projects, pilots design such as Foamy Oil Mechanisms or Deviated Wells Track, and working in the optimization of field development plans in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Kuwait, Libya, Mexico, Norway, Venezuela and Vietnam.

Dr. Embid is co author of several technical papers and patents related to fluid characterization,
rock/fluid interaction, production mechanisms, EOR processes, field-development-plan optimization, pilot monitoring, reservoir simulation, surface/subsurface integration models, and artificial intelligence.

Julian Togelius

Chief AI Science Advisor

Julian is associate professor and director of the the game innovation lab at New York University (NYU).

Julian has authored 3 books and more than 200 papers in artificial intelligence (12,000+ citations in google scholar).

Previously, he had several faculty positions at the IT University of Copenhagen and University of Lugano.

Dr. Togelius is considered one of the most important researchers in AI of his generation. Dr. Togelius holds bachelor degrees in computer science and physiology from Lund University and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Essex.

Michael Green

Project Technical Manager of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineering

Michael has over 4 years of experience in artificial intelligence research, with successful projects using tree-search and evolutionary optimization techniques.

Michael also has 8 years of experience in software development, from small hobby projects to working as an engineer at four international companies.

He is a first-author on 9 papers on artificial intelligence, including a “Best Paper Award” at the International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games, with an additional 10 papers as a secondary-author, including a “Best Paper Nominee” at the International Conference on Computational Creativity.

He holds two bachelor degrees in computer science and classical civilizations from Lehigh University.

Tyler friesen

Business Development Manager

Tyler is an entrepreneur and registered professional engineer, specializing in system design and technology commercialization.

He has over 8 years of energy and natural resources engineering and project management experience at several large corporations.

Tyler previously launched a restaurant ordering platform enabling customer analytics and billing automation, and provided business intelligence consulting for customers in Alberta.

Tyler holds a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Alberta, and is currently completing an MBA specializing in business intelligence and data analytics at the University of Calgary.

ming jin

Software Engineer -
Computer Graphics Specialist

Ming is an expert in 3D shape modeling and animation, with years of experience crafting large, complex software systems.

Ming has extensive research experience with 3D computer graphics, human-computer interaction and using data-driven AI methods to significantly improve graphics-related applications.

Ming has published in top venues in the field of computer graphics and computer vision, including Siggraph, Transaction of Graphics (ToG) and Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR).

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