Prediction and Optimization with World Leading Performance

AI for physics: Complete Reservoir Simulations in Seconds


Benefits of Physics Informed Deep Learning

We bring industry leading technology to Oil and Gas Exploration and Production


Real Time Reservoir Simulation and Optimization

Complete reservoir simulations in seconds. Up to 10,000x faster than conventional simulators.


Highly Accurate Simulation

Enjoy up to a 1000x improvement to simulation resolution, with seismic (cm) level cell sizing.


Maximized Value

Increased production, reduced capital expenditure, and no additional infrastructure required. Up to 20% improvements in project NPV.


Highly Efficient Simulation and Optimization

Save on cloud resources. With near instantaneous, highly accurate results, iterate to your heart's content.


Simulation and Optimization Platform: PROTEUS

Our PROTEUS platform is a workflow game changer. We solve a broad range of novel challenges with our highly flexible technology. Field Development Planning, History Matching, and Optimization just to name a few. New modules are constantly being developed. 

Business Friendly Features

Our platform is built with enterprise customers in mind. Security, flexibility, and ease of integration are top of mind, and central to our guiding design philosophy.

Platform Security

Our platform is built from the ground up to capitalize on the unparalleled security research, testing, and optimization provided by our strategic cloud partners. Our team will work with you to ensure your security concerns are fully addressed.

Flexible Platform Deployment

ORIGEN technology can run as a service or be deployed in your own cloud. Enabling enhanced workflow efficiency, and capacity to integrate with your existing digital strategy.

Visualization of Simulations

ORIGEN technology sits on top of existing visualization software. You are fully in control of your data and visualization capabilities.

Integration with Current Workflows

 Import and export data using the commercial standard formats from the reservoir simulators you are already using.

Physics Informed Simulation Research

Research in deep reinforcement learning

Many of the most challenging optimization problems cannot be solved with conventional approaches. The problems facing the energy industry are more complex and dynamic than ever before. Our team has developed unique, deep reinforcement learning algorithms which have been used for real-time optimization and planning across multiple domains, and have yielded unprecedented results.

Physics-Informed Deep Learning to solve differential equations

Informing our machine learning models with what we know about physics can make them learn faster and better. We also in many cases know some, but not all, of the specific dynamics of a class of systems. Learning directly from scientific knowledge quickly guides the algorithm towards solutions that preserve known physics fundamentals, even when data is sparse.

While other platforms use physics as constraints, we are actually solving the partial differential equations. Full simulation describes pressure, saturation, velocity, and more, at every node.